Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Shoot

  • The camera - operates the camera, is responsible for catching all the footages.
  • The focus puller - the cameraman works with the focus puller who is responsible keeping the key element in the frame.
  • The grip - works with the equipment that the camera is mounted on.
  • The loader - operates the clapperboard which gives information to the editor about what shot is done.
  • The director of photography - is the head of the camera department and is responsible for how the film is shoot.
 Lighting and Sound
  • Once the lighting and the sound are set up including the make up being checked. The shot can begin.
  • the actors are the only members that will be seen by the public, which they have the most responsibility to make the film a success. 
Special physical effects
  • Special Effects - are any moving parts onset for example